A season that reflects our commitments and your desire for freedom, color and joy.

A responsible and ethical collection.

Materials that are always more pleasant and thoughtful, colors that are always more vibrant. Like a liberating cry. An echo. A communion with Nature that surrounds us, inspires us, protects us and that we respect, value and honor. We have drawn on our values of freedom, creativity and responsibility; in our region of creation enveloped by the ocean.


At the heart of the SS22 collection?

New materials such as cupro, a responsible and fluffy fiber produced from cotton linters. The waste produced during the cupro creation process is fully recycled and the cupro itself is fully biodegradable. Because of its treatment, cupro has a much softer feel than conventional cotton and a silk-like appearance. The qualities of cupro are numerous: excellent thermoregulatory, it is also anti-transpirant and hypoallergenic.

Ideal during summer, even on the beach!

Made in France

Our Made in France odyssey takes another step forward with the integration of cotton stoles and jacquard weavings made in France into the collection. They complete the range of silk and linen that we proudly produce in partnership with the best French craftsmen.

The art of making you unique

A mastered know-how, a freedom of tone and colors, innovations in materials and uses, a collection emblematic of our ambition, a collection that is accompanying you, revealing you, sublimating you with a stole, a scarf that affirms your personality and gives you confidence. With the conviction of the right balance between producing what you need, where you need it and above all... when you need it.

Eternal Sunshine

We are fully aware of the times and the issues at stake as we embody the future. Well anchored in the present, our conviction is intact, our values stronger than ever, our actions and our creativity as an emblem. A vibrant signature where color tirelessly serves expression and emotion.

Florence Lafragette
Directrice Artistique et Présidente.