Petrusse composes in category 1

Petrusse composes in category 1 

IA year ago, the Petrusse house launched its first masks in response to the demands of its customers and partners. After one year of research and improvement, the Petrusse silk masks are categorized by the French Institute of Textile and Clothing "Compatible Public Filtration More than 90%" (Category 1), in accordance with Decree No. 2021- 76 of 27 January 2021.

EVE Silk Mask - Petrusse House

Filter and protective masks
It is in the continuity of the production of overlooks for caregivers in the region and in response to the demands of local businesses, that the Petrusse house has imagined filter masks and protectors. His goal ? Alloy efficiency, comfort and elegance. After several adjustments, the team today makes afnor silk masks (white polyester and cotton interior) filtering 98%.

100% recycled masks and 100% handmade
The Petrusse masks are made by hand, in its workshops at Mauriac Castle, in the heart of the vineyard of Bordeaux. These unique pieces are 100% recycled from petrusse tissues and thus match its stoles. They are now available on the site and in the shops at 25 euros, in four nuances (bohemian blue earth, bohemian coral, caméo, France) and model "Eve" As of June 3, 2021.

Find the interview with Clémentine, head of the workshops, wanted you to tell you more:

When and why did you designed the first Petrusse mask? 
"The workshop started producing the first Petrusse masks in April 2020, following the demand for companies, partners and clients. Our customers inspire us every day and the adventure of the Petrusse masks continues thanks to them." 

Your greatest pride since you work at Petrusse? 
"Have designed blouses and masks for hospitals during the first confinement and thus felt involved and useful during this complicated period. And today after a year of work of clothing and research, get the categorization 1 for filtering masks. " 

What are the properties of these masks today and in what colors are they available? 
"Our will: Allier efficiency, comfort and elegance. Thesilk masksare filtering at 98% thanks to technical materials that allow this particularity. They are available in bohemian blue earth, bohemian coral, cameo and we are already working on the rest. " 

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