Wear with elegance this silk square made in France. IT WISHER The colors of the blueberry of France In a composition inspired by The Arc de Triomphe.

For more than twenty years, the Petrusse house has been the link between the creativity of the artists and the work of the fabric. Of The nobility of materials to the beauty of ancestral gestures, it is with patience and requirement that it reinvents The largest weaver traditions, here put to contribution for the creation ofa square for the benefit of the blueberry of France.

It is the next day of the Great War that two nurses, Charlotte Malleterre and Suzanne Lenhardt, create the Blueberry, CITIZEN MOBILIZATION To help the wounded and mutilated war. This centenary initiative continues its way and allows today assist Veterans, war wounded, nation pupils as well as victims of terrorism through the action of ONACVG. By buying this square, you help those who stay.

The Petrusse house reverse 12% of each sale to blueberry of France.
Shipped from November 22nd

100% silk
90 x 90 cm
Dry cleaning

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