Declination from morning in the evening in pastel shades on our inescapable linen 100% Made in France, Masters of Linen ® certified.

LABEL MASTERS OF LINEN : registered trademark and a Seal of excellence 100% Europe which guarantees the European traceability of flax, from the plant to the wire and the fabric. A reference for professionals and consumers.

The flax has been voluntarily spun so as to maintain its irregular appearance (called Flammé File). Weaving weaving canvas gives it a softness changing.

Available in: Pink, Lagoon, Marine, Ecru, Coral.

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100% linen made in France, certified MASTERS OF Linen ® 

Label Masters of Linen : registered trademark and a seal of excellence 100% 'Made in' Europe. A reference for professionals and consumers. Learn more.

70 x 200 cm
Dry cleaning

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