UDo not music enchanted in backdrop, vsINQ Internationally renowned opera singers occur in our workshops and unite to compose a design. 
Dare worn as weft thread, Ils inspired by the iconic cashmere pattern of Petrusse for Express the concert their dreams, their visions of'a world bestr
Won Inspirations, the house Petrusse Give the rhythm and vibrate his brushes, such as conductor chopsticks. Stole ample, fluid, generous, which is worn as well as and the scene. 

Drawing of Stanislas de Barbeyrac, Aude Extremo, Julie Pasturaud, Alix Le Saux, Florian Sempety.

Available in: White, Aqua, Noir, Blue, Night blue
45% linen, 35% cotton, 20% silk
70 x 190 cm
Dry cleaning

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