Our fabricis a versatile cotton satin of high quality, which will adapt to several uses including curtains. Woven and printed in France, Oeko-Tex certified ink.

Connection : Height: 148 cm, vertical: 148 cm, straight fitting.
Weight : 220 g / ml.
Price : 90 € TTC / meter.

Custom color (minimum 10m) : 120 € TTC / meter.
- 10 days of custom color time.
- Sample price for new color validation: 190 € TTC.
- Manufacture within one month.

Shipment under a maximum monthFor EVE Sun Colors, EVE Sand,Eve sky and Eve Marine. 

The four colors of the tissue per meter are also available in fabric with fireproof meter - M2 and fabric with fireproof meter - M3: Contact us at hello@petrusse.com.