« Our mission? To accompany, reveal and sublimate you with a stole, a scarf, an accessory that asserts your personality and gives you confidence. With the conviction that there is the right balance between producing when necessary, where it is necessary and especially... what is necessary. »

Florence Lafragette, President and Artistic Director of the Petrusse House.


« If we have made dreams our essence, it is because they are the best place to invent the world. A pledge of elevation, a promise of audacity, a faith in the future. »

For over twenty years, excellence has been our thread. Creativity, the link with artists and the Art world, our pigment. In our sights? The beautiful horizons.

We have always celebrated the combination of culture and craftsmanship. Inspired by artists, we have forged a free spirit and a vibrant signature, where color tirelessly serves expression and emotion.

We are fully aware of the times and the issues at stake as we look to the future. Between social and environmental responsibilities, we need to create meaning and links. More than ever, solidarity to think about the future.

Artistic Heritage company, we draw, interpret and decline, through weaving and color, a palette inspired by the world of Art and our universe.

Responsible company, anchored in its time, we create with passion, ethics and commitment and act with respect for our environment.

Connected company, we exchange, create links, share our know-how and our values.


In the beginning, in 1996, a trip to India. Inspired by the beauty of the Kashmir patterns, now gathered in a private collection, and the nobility of the weaving traditions, the first Petrusse stoles are born.

The House then experienced a great expansion: from the rue des Remparts to the allées de Tourny in Bordeaux, via Paris (46 boulevard Raspail from 2000 and Printemps Haussmann from 2007), it set up its workshops at Château Mauriac, in the heart of the Bordeaux vineyards

With three boutiques in Bordeaux and Paris, creative workshops at Château Mauriac, and more than 300 points of sale around the world, Maison Petrusse is now a reference brand in the creation of scarves, scarves, silk squares, stoles. In 2019, it is taken over by Florence Lafragette. Guided by creation, beauty, goodness, allure and Art, Florence continues her entrepreneurial path.

As President and Artistic Director, Florence Lafragette breathes new creative energy into Petrusse. Towards beautiful horizons imbued with vibrant colors and responsible materials of French manufacture. With always, in the heart of its concerns, the social and environmental responsibilities, the digitalization and the internationalization of the House. For ecological, ethical and social foundations, built, stone by stone, to last.


At Château Mauriac, in the heart of the Bordeaux vineyards, our creation and development workshops.

The minute history: the castle was built in 1860 by Jacques Mauriac, grandfather of the Nobel Prize of Literature, François Mauriac. A place that inspired his best-seller Génitrix, which is at the heart of the team's creativity every day.

In this place synonymous with Art and Literature for ever, excellence is our thread. Our creations are exclusive and in limited edition. Recognized for our proximity to the artists and the world of culture with whom we create and from whom we draw inspiration, the greatest institutions regularly call upon our inspiration to translate all the nobility of their heritage into stole.

It is in this inspired and inspiring artistic universe that meticulousness takes on its full meaning. In our workshops, our most beautiful models are adorned with feathers, trimmings, fake furs or hand-embroidered beads. It is also here that our ribbons, headbands, kimonos, blouses, headbands, muffs, tiaras, bags, scrunchies and other accessories made of silk, wool, cashmere are made with the greatest care in an upcycling logic, 100% handmade.

Plein Soleil


Eternal Sunshine