An more stone for the Petrusse house 

"Reveal a personality with a scarf, sublimate a place, enhance the heritage by the drawing".Furnishings - Decoration by the house Petrusse - scenarison of wallpaper and upholstery fabric.


Our fabric is a polyvalent cotton satin of high quality, which will adapt to several uses including that of the curtains.

Ourfirst line of tissue and wallpapers, Custom decline our pattern "Eve" In an infinite palette of colors and combinations: nuances studied for you (4 colors catalogs for launch) and other "custom" to compose with you.

"Custom decline, for you, this reason we have had so much joy to create is a milestone. After months of research and work to achieve in EnglishNCE,The most beautiful qualities of tissue, of wallpapers, nuances and colors, we are very happy to be able to get closer to you by dressing up your interiors of our vibrant and happy motive. Inspiration at the heart of this iconic motive is part of the desire to reinterpreter The canvases of Jouy and Bordeaux Canvas Printed at the time .. Not far from our current workshops. "Florence Lafrageette, President and Artistic Director of the Petrusse House.  

A project anchored in the Heritage of our house 

This project is indeedanchorin theheritage From our house, because it is from the old grand Kashmires of our collection and the masterpieces of the French heritage that we created This timeless line. Thus, the Indians ofJouyand ofBordeaux, have largely inspired this "EVE" signature pattern: flowers, scenes, poetic, have been revisited by Florence and its team in a magnifying pattern a jungle of plants and animals.

Above, the canvas of Jouy (left) and that of Beautiran (right).

The case of our creations

"Eve»Pattern-signature of the house, is worked precisely in our workshops, at Mauriac Castle, to find shades and colors that will put the greatest value your interiors. 


We first imagined these four shades combining candy and personality and started creating tailor-made projects, hand in hand with decorators And designers of spaces.

"A modern and timeless look for elegant, classic and contemporary interiors. A favorite for the EVE print whose intensity will be perfect for elegant and current curtains. A revisited classic drawing that will not get tired.Beautiful colors in this first collection that will dress your walls and windows with this unique and intense print "Violette cruse, interior decorator in Bordeaux. 

Sand : A sweet, neutral and soothing beige ; Sun : A vitamin and sunny yellowSky: A sweet blue and captivating;Night: An intense blue with a lot of character.

Versatility, durability and timelessness

Our fabrics and wallpapers have been created and thoughts with the greatest attention to last and adapt in any responsibility.
Our fabricis a polyvalent cotton satin of high quality, which will adapt to several uses curtains
Our wallpaper, easy to install and resistant to light, has been thought in the rules of art withatraditional impression. They are manufactured in France to the order. Which allows us a great responsiveness and responsibility in the making.

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