Tribute to Napoleon

A tribute to Napoleon, it is rethinking to the Arc de Triomphe, the church of the Madeleine, the column Vendôme, the bridges of Austerlitz and Iena ... and for us it is also thinking of the stoles!

On his return from the expedition of Egypt in 1799, General Bonaparte and his soldiers brought back into their trunks from the souvenirs of the East including cashmere shawls with the sumptuous woven patterns. His wife, Josephine, and his entourage were charmed by this novelty and elegance. They ordered others to the Sultan Ottoman Selim II and launched a fashion. In 1806, the stoles were presented at the esplanade of the invalids of Paris, during the exhibition of the products of the French industry. From 1807, the Kashmir, a victim of its success, became more and more expensive, which pushed the creators to use alternatives such as cotton, silk or wool.

Kashmir, one of Napoleon's unknown conquests!

This year marks the 200 years of the disappearance of Napoleon, a great exhibition is devoted to it. It was for us the opportunity to honor two of our scarves: Jupiter to the noble lines in the fashion of the time and Bivouac Inspired by the hangings of Napoleonic campaigns, combining the spirit of conquest and the ornaments of the Empire.

Do not miss the great Napoleon retrospective of the meeting of national museums - Grand Palace in La Villette until 19 December 2021.

josephine_imperarice_napoleon_bicentenaire_petrusse_soie_carredesoie_etolesJosephine, Empress of Fashion Wearing Stoles and Palmettes
still inspire petrustry stoles.

napoleon_bonaparte_mode_textile_soie_carredesoie_petrusseNapoleon and its stole in belt.

Napoleon_petrusse_etole_carredesoie_soie_petrusse_bordeaux_parisOlivier wears here the stole Jupiter.
The actor Olivier Bordin has the role of Saint-Just in "The Trial of Robespierre just before the arrival of Napoleon", a piece directed by Gilles Langlois. He also turned into a clip of Zayde Wolf, which is happening on a Napoleonic battlefield and participated in a documentary fiction on the fall of Napoleon.

bivouac_etole_carredesoie_carre_petrusseOlivier at the invalids with the red bivouac stole.