Kazoart X Petrusse X Rodolphe Martinez, when art becomes scarf

Rodolphe Martinez, artist Bordeaux to the colorful, dreamlike and inspiring universe, offers a wonderful hyphen between two creative Bordeaux companies. As we find some of his works at the halved halved during the Kazoart's return exhibition, they also extend to infinity on several stoles petrusse.

The first is an innovative and digital art gallery, the second compose of the scarves and exceptional stoles. Both have a common passion: art. And Rodolphe Martinez, of course!


An artistic assembly at the Bordeaux

Rodolphe Martinez oscillates between photography, painting, video, design. Hybrid production where digital and traditional techniques intersect. A creativity, a subtle and haunting color game.

The Petrusse house created scarves and stoles with passion for more than twenty years at Mauriac Castle, in the heart of the vineyard of Bordeaux. His frame? His complicity with the world of art, artists, the greatest museums and institutions. Inspired by them, it has forged a free spirit and a vibrant signature, where color, tirelessly, serves the expression and emotion.

Five years ago, Kazoart switches on the very emblematic place of the Stock Exchange in Bordeaux and participates in its digital and innovative actions, in the influence of many contemporary artists in France and internationally.


  • Rodolphe Martinez - Artist

Photo Rodolphe Martinez

"If the artist's work is usually lonely, he needs to be inspired and shown. I have the chance to have met Florence Lafrageette de la Maison Petrusse for a happy collaboration for 2 years. And I also have the chance to have met Mathilde Le Roy from the Kazoart Gallery for a highlighting of my work. Two brilliant, courageous and intuitive leaders. I wanted they meet to imagine common actions. The artist in a hyphen.

Today, the time has come to invent cross-collaborations, joint projects and works. They share a requirement, professionalism and ambitions that make it want to accompany them. Their love of artists is sincere and concrete.

The synergies between Petrusse and Kazoart only begin. It is a typical French know-how and intelligence, an economy of sharing ideas and skills with the objective of the foundation of a french artistic, artisanal, digital edition of excellence.

As an artist associated with these two companies I can only rejoice because Florence Lafrageette and Mathilde Le Roy allow us to realize projects, to create, to meet collectors and lovers of this "handsome French". And that's just the beginning ! »


  • Mathilde Le Roy - founder of Kazoart
Mathilde Le Roy

"My meeting with Florence Lafrageette, president of Petrusse, and the visit of their workshops at Mauriac Castle near Bordeaux, sounded like obvious to me. I felt at home, and in the spirit of this prestigious house, all the passion and respect for the work of artists, their creativity, their inventiveness, ...

We have with Petrusse the common ambition to radiate French talents beyond our borders, all over the world. In addition, the idea of ​​mixing the tradition and prestige that perpetuates the Petrusse house, with innovation and digital that are part of our DNA at Kazoart, is both stimulating and rewarding.

So many reasons to unite our two houses to develop collaborations around artists we love and want to promote together, in our respective know-how. "


  • Florence Lafrageette - President and Artistic Director of the Petrusse House
Florence Lafrageette, Petrusse

"Share, redo the world, create with Rodolphe Martinez ... Collaborate, exchange, innovate with Mathilde Le Roy ... Are as many reasons that make us want to continue to invent and reinvent our way of doing, to create a link at every moment, to Keep the course towards the beautiful horizons. By meeting Mathilde, I was struck by the similarities that exist between our ways of working and our common will to make art accessible and within the reach of all.

In this uncertain, unpredictable context, thought is escaping, the dream assures hope, the expression becomes necessary.

Art expresses emotions, thoughts, visions. At the heart of the work, another universe appears. He invites himself to the trip, from country to land, on earth or elsewhere. At a time when the world is moving, sublime art, student, brings together.

Today, museums are closed, locked operas, closed theaters. At Kazoart and the Petrusse House, a certainty remains: it is more than ever the time to share, highlight, shine art and artists. »