CSR, angular stone of our development

Petrusse House, Corporate Social Responsibility

For more than twenty years, excellence has been our frame. Creativity, the link with artists and the world of art, our pigment. Targeted ? The beautiful horizons.

Through the work of the fabric, we cultivate a precious know-how. From the nobility of materials to the beauty of ancestral gestures, it is with patience and requirement that we reinvent the largest wearable traditions.

We have always celebrated the alliance of the Culture and craftsmanship. Inspired by artists, we have forged a free spirit and a vibrant signature, where color, tirelessly, serves the expression and emotion.

It is in full consciousness of the time and his stakes that we look at the future. Between social and environmental responsibilities, it is for us to create meaning and link. More than ever, solidarity to think about the future.

The cornerstone of our development is shaped by a deep respect for heritage, of the nature, men and women who are our home Petrusse, so it is ecological, ethical and social foundations, built, stone after stone, to last.

Commitments 2022 : We set ourselves concrete objectives at the end of 2022 which cover the entire chain of values ​​since the creation of products to their distribution. At every moment, we build a more sustainable and responsible future where every stage of the chain is ethical, respected and thought to last.

Thus, our development is ecologically and ethnically thought and our actions revolve around three pillars: The environment (anchoring), products (products thought to last), the human (lasting links). These pillars are the foundations of our development.

We mobilize ourselves every day To achieve our goals and build, stone after Pierre, a petrusse house where creativity, responsibility and commitments are at the heart of our values ​​and actions.

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