Nympheas by Petrusse House

"I only saw what the universe showed me" - Claude Monet.

The history of Nympheas From Claude Monet began in Giverny in 1890. With his notoriety and success, the artist decides to create his idyllic garden, in order to find calm and serenity.

For more than thirty years, Claude Monet dreams, imagines and painted. Over time, its botanical garden is adorned with a large pond, powered by the creek of which it is deflected the course. Bordered by large willows and overlooked by a Japanese bridge, the basin is getting small to Nympheas. Captured according to the seasons, they mingle with the reflections of the sky and give, according to Monet, "the illusion of'Endless end, a wave without horizon and without shore”.  

A true emblem of modern art and impressionism, the Nympheas series, exposed to the Museum of the Orangerie in Paris, has about two hundred and fifty oil paintings that continue to inspire, subjugate, fascinate. The next day of the Armistice of November 11, 1918, Claude Monet offers them to France as a symbol of peace.

Our silk square "Nympheas" was created in partnership with the meeting of National Museums - Grand Palais for the Orangery Museum in Paris. The square my nympheas is our reinterpretation of Nympheas of Monet.

Dream and express, such is the artist's soul of our house that affirms with these squares with bright colors, a vibrant signature and a strong creative spirit.

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