# TousSurScène by Petrusse Act 2

Petrusse House, Symphony, stole Male and Female, Linen, Cotton and Silk - Opera singers

Stanislas de Barbeyrac, Aude Extremo, Julie Pasturaud, Alix Le Saux, Florian Sempey.

Countless their concerts toBordeaux Opera, L'OPERA DE PARISAnd around the world. They are all five of the biggest names in the history of the Opera, the warm presence and radiant personality. And this time ... they have registered for ever their score in the fibers of a stole.

Their motivations? "The scarf is the essential tool of the singer, all seasons, in his travels, hallways theaters everywhere ..." says Stanislas de Barbeyrac. Pasturaud Julie adds: "A stole is the warmth, softness, color, best friend of singers. A stole, it is an emotion, protection, soft feeling. "

At a workshop organized by the House Petrusse the musical theme PE21 its collectionThese five singers of international renown opera unite compose a drawing. enchanted music in the background and worn as weft yarn, they are inspired by the theme Dream of a summer night and paisley iconic Petrusse to express together their dreams, their visions of a better world.

Carried away by their inspirations, the House Petrusse sets the pace and vibrates his brushes, as the head of batons. To dial in harmony, a broad stole, fluid, generous, which can be worn in town and the scene: SYMPHONY.

Symphonie-Lin-Cotton-Silk StoleMale - Available in:White, Aqua, Noir, Blue, Night blue
Women -Available in:White, Aqua, Noir, Blue, Night blue