Petrusse Loves Art

For more than 20 years, Petrusse has been working hand in hand with artists, cultural institutions and places the world of art at the heart of its creativity.

More than 50 partnerships with the greatest museums gave life to more than 250 stoles and scarves to the rank of which the unprestable square of silk "Nymphéas", is an interpretation of Nympheas Monet created for meeting national museums - Grand Palace and the Orangery Museum in Paris.

"Jeanne"Is a soft and lightstole inspired by the work" the girl in a park "of the Impressionist artist Berthe Morisot, painted in the nineteenth century and on display at the Musée d'Orsay.

"Chasseriau" is an idle of an intense red inspired by the painting, "the two sisters" of Théodore Chassériu, exposed to the Louvre Museum in Paris.



In 2021, the music that slipped into the partition of Petrusse and becomes color. By component with the Choir of the National Opera of Bordeaux or internationally renowned opera singers have occurred in our workshops to compose a drawing that is found on our stole "Symphony ».

symphony_operadebordeaux_etole_carre_carredesoie_petrusse_art_musiqueStanislas de Barbeyrac, Aude Extremo, Julie Pasturaud, Alix Le Saux, Florian Sempey.

This season, placed under the "dream of a summer night" allowed our stoles to give the replica to live art shows, such as the festivals of Cannes and that of Avignon.

In organ point, before the start of the school year we decided to offer you an exclusivity. A very limited seriesOf stars named "desire" created with the artist Rodolphe Martinez. Those unique andscreenprinted are to be foundAt the 8 aisles of Tourny in Bordeaux from August 12 to August 26, 2021.

Rodolphe_martinez_petrusse_art_etole_carredesoie_soie"Peacock blue pines" of Rodolphe Martinez.

Kazoart_rodolphemartinez_petrusse_etole_carredesoie_soiePhoto of Kazoart, with the work of Rodolphe Martinez and the stole Petrusse "Rodolphe"Screenprinted.

desir_rodolphemartinez_artist_art_etole_laine_soie_petrusse"Desire", the screen printed by Rodolphe Martinez available all the month of August in a very limited edition in screen printed by the artist Rodolphe Martinez.