Rosee - Made in France!

Did you know ? 


According to the Chinese legend, silk would have been discovered fortuitously by an empress. Installed under a tree, it fell into its cup of tea a cocoon of Bombyx (silkworm). By wanting to extract her from her drink, the Empress would have started to unfold the Cocoon wire. It is in front, there sweetness and finesse of matter that she would have the idea ofe Work the fiber until Iridescent fabric: silk. 

By its unique texture and its tightened weaving, Lin Georgette of silk isutée for its incomparable strength. Touch, Elle plays with an infinite generosity. Satransparency and its uninhaneous lightness Offratene colorful vibration intenose. Sweet and melting on the skin, she is covering and timelessLe. 

In the hair, in a stole on the shoulders, Scope near the neck or so relaxed, Georgette adapts to all your movements On any occasion. 

Deeply artistic and attached to the beautiful, lat Maison Petrusse is one of the only ones to highlight the work of the Georgette de silk still little known today.

Do not wait and come to discover our stole DEWprinted in France.