A new chapter for the Petrusse House

April 2019

Acquisition of Petrusse House by Florence Lafragette

The Petrusse house was created more than twenty years by an inspired and inspiring woman, Petrusse Reynn, who enrolled in the heritage of this beautiful mark of the values ​​of joy, poetry and respect. Petrusse is also a fabric trip, more than 50 collections developed by the team who likes to call back as a mantra: " Let us create in the joy of beautiful things, poetic things. Continue on this path since it is sincere, since it is our espriT ".

It is confident that Petrusse Reynn lets the keys of this beautiful house in Florence Lafrageette to turn to another adventure that will leave him more time to design, meet, travel.

It is this creative path that Florence Lafrageette has decided to follow with strong ambition for this French brand to the unique personality and know-how: " The Petrusse house expresses its attachment to nature, women and men, beautiful and good by weaving lasting links with artists, craftsmen and the art world. To keep his artistic soul, excellence, in his creation and his clothing, will continue to be central by going even further into the research of materials and formats with always so much attention to the requirement of responsible manufacturing. ».

About Florence Lafrageette

#Entreprendre # Create # developing links

The way to Florence Lafrageette has taken turns on artistic and entrepreneurial turns, always passionate and exciting.

Florence Lafragette knows the Bordeaux region where the Petrusse house is anchored to have accompanied the development of wine properties and launched new products and tasting moments. Convinced by vineyard and infatigable communicating tourism, it has always been committed to sharing and decrypting the expectations of its customers.

Florence then had a rich course within the L'Oréal group. From this unique experience to management positions in communication, digital marketing, headquarters with the L'Oréal Foundation, Florence likes to reveal the personalities, to be interested in the beautiful, pace, to art with always on line of sight, trust and audacity.